Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Howrah Homes

Govt. of West Bengal, India
P.O.-Santragachi, Dist.-Howrah, PIN-711104

Grading Parameter

Category Name Parameter# Parameter Download

A. Trades and Industry Engagement.

1 No. of Active MoUs existing with industry View
2 CSR Support for ITI in developing training infrastructure
3 Trainees who have been sent for "dual training" (%)
4 Placement Cell and its functioning View
B. Instructor quality and availability 5 Craftsmen Instructor Training Scheme (CITS) certification of available instructors (in eligible trades as per NCVT) (%) View
6 Number of ITI instructors who have completed short term refresher training (at least 5 days) at NSTI/Industry/any other Institute in last 2 years (%) View
7 Instructor vacancy against sanctioned posts (%) View
8 Percentage of guest instructor from Industry
C. Outcome 9 Pass rate (%) View
10 Percentage of trainees passing in first attempt and scoring more >= 80 percent marks in the final exam View
11 Career Progression Rate % View
12 Participation, Awards and accolades by Principal/trainees/Instructors/ITI at District / State / National/ International Level (including skill competitions etc.) in the last 2 years View
D. Knowledge Infrastructure and Institute Processe 13 Functional IMC in case of Govt. ITI and similar institutional mechanism with at least one industry representative expert in case of Pvt. ITI View
14 Machine maintenance log books View
15 Availability of "full-time" ITI Principal and post-employment training. (Admin/management of at least 5 days) View
16 Availability of production centre generating revenues (excl. course fee) / earn with learn scheme as per audit report.
E. Bonus: Best Practices 17 Playground/Horticulture/ Garden/Indoor Play Ground facilities View
18 Percent of trainees who were 10th pass on joining and got 12th Certificate after passing (Not Applicable for ITI younger than 3 years)
19 Recognized Technological Innovation/Advancements
20 Availability of new generation courses like IoT, Mechatronics, Drone Technology
21 Sustainable measures being adopted by ITI viz. rain water harvesting, solar power utilization, utilization of scrap, and waste management View
22 Women oriented courses available in ITI View
23 All the details of Instructors entered in NCVT MIS Portal View
24 Convocation Ceremony for ITI passed out View
25 Existence of functional Alumni association
26 Diversity of Trades
27 Fund Utilization by ITI View